Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dress Ups 8/5

So yesterday was Friday, not to point out the obvious lolz. Had a pretty cruisy day at course, was actually pretty fun. 4 of the, shall we call them students, including me, had to dress up as like a movie star or something and get our photo taken... One of the girls did Lady GaGa - heck she looked like her, one of the guys did, uhhh, Edward scissor hands, that was pretty cool, even though I have no idea who that characher actually is, he looked like him. I did Lisa from The Veronicas, even went the extra mile and got a black wig... Since I got the "no way is that happening" to actually dye my hair black... I was in hair and makeup most of the morning which was fun. I went to the toilets to get changed into my character, when I came back and walked in the room, heck, I wasn't expecting such a response. Everyone, excluding my brother for whatever reason (hes in my course), thought I suited black hair and should dye it black... Got told it made me look my age... So what, I have natural hair (which is like real wavy, but I straighten it), or I have black hair and I look 18, but I have straight-ish blonde-ish hair and I look anything as young as 11??!! I can't figure that out, but oooooookkkkkkkaaaaaayyyyyyyy... So anyway I got my face and nails done, and then got to go to a music shop in town and pose with an electric guitar (I'd love to be able to actually play one). Got like about 10 different photos, or however many were taken, but they were pretty cool. Skip a few hours and it was home time, I showed Mum the photo of me I took on my 2degrees phone dressed up like a veronica, told her everyone thought I should dye my hair black cuz I suited it, so she surprised me by saying I actually could dye it... Whoa, wasn't expecting that. I was going to tell her it didn't worry me... Though in honest, a change might be kinda cool... Since last time I dyed my hair, it was an absolute disaster!! I've been renamed "the rockstar" hahahaha! =P And I'm wanted for a screensaver lolz nooooooooooooo! Haha! Mum wants to put my picture on her computer at work, omg but why?? Haha. So yes, I got to live the dream of a rockstar for a few hours, well, not completely, I didn't get to sing or play any music, but hey, it was still a heap of fun. ;D

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